Guy Who Tried to Charge Phone on Broadway Stage: 'Girls Were Calling'

Latest has identified and interviewed the man who attempted to charge his phone in a prop outlet on the stage of the Broadway play Hand to God. “Girls were calling all day,” explains 19-year-old Nick Silvestri from Long Island. “What would you do?”

Hm, probably not that, but please, Nick, go on.

While in the audience, Nick noticed that his phone was at 5 percent:

“I saw the outlet and ran for it. That was the only outlet I saw, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I was thinking that they were probably going to plug something in there on the set, and I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal if my phone was up there too.”

Turns out that using a non-functioning outlet on a functioning stage actually is a big deal!

“About five security guards came running down,” he tells Playbill. “So I hopped off the stage. They were pretty mad. They said, ‘What were you thinking?’ I said, ‘Hey, buddy, what’s the problem?’”

After Nick’s mother apologized, he and his family were allowed to stay and watch the play. Nick’s review? “We enjoyed the show. I’m not much of a play guy, but it wasn’t bad.”

Put that review on an billboard!

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