Gwyneth Schools Joaquin On Street Cred; Britney, Madonna To Do Another Duet

  • Gwyneth Paltrow has advice for Joaquin Phoenix, who’s embarking on a new hip-hop career. She says, “Hmm … maybe to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity.” [People]
  • Britney Spears will perform a duet with Madonna for the Circus tour on Monday in New York. Brit’s stylist says, “It will be ‘Get Together’ and ‘Trouble.’ So, together the song is called ‘Lose Control.'” [Just Jared]
  • Celebrity bikini waxer Janea Padilha, who has tended to the nether regions of Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, and Cameron Diaz, has sold a lifestyle book “on love, life, and being sexy.” [The New York Observer]
  • The warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan‘s arrest was recalled today after her lawyer met briefly with a judge. Apparently Linds was skipping out on her alcohol education program because of “personality conflicts,” and has enrolled in a new class. [TMZ]
  • Michael Lohan told a Canadian radio station that he was so concerned to hear his daughter Lindsay Lohan had another fight with girlfriend Samantha Ronson he “laid in bed all night reading his Bible.” He also said that Lindsay showed up on Jack Nicholson’s doorstep in the middle of the night this weekend because Jack was trying to help her. [Perez Hilton]
  • As you probably don’t recall, Paris Hilton‘s cell phone was stolen in 2005. It finally turned up on Craigslist. Hotel manager Marc Marrouche was arrested on March 5 after offering to sell an undercover cop the phone for $5,000. [Perez Hilton]
  • A source says Rihanna is eager to move on with her life. “She’s out and about now. She’s not hiding at this point. She’s trying to get her life back in order.” The source adds, “She’s trying to figure it all out. It’s going to be hard.” [People]
  • Anna Nicole Smith‘s psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, one of the three people accused of conspiring to give Smith illegal drugs, was put in jail today. Her bail is set at $20,000. [TMZ]
  • Kanye West says that his girlfriend Amber Rose used to be a stripper but he saved her. [Perez Hitlon]
  • Jessica Simpson forgot the words to two songs at a concert on Saturday. [Perez Hilton]
  • In this video, Pete Wentz drinks his own urine. We don’t want to know why. [Perez Hilton]
  • Producers of the next James Bond movie say they’re considering Jennifer Aniston for a role, after she announced she wants to be a Bond girl. A source at the production company says: “We’re always looking for the next Bond girl. She has to be beautiful but she also needs to have brains. It helps if she’s athletic and able to keep up with the intense stunt work a Bond movie demands. Jennifer has all these qualities.” [Mirror]
  • Sacha Baron Cohen showed an audience 20 minutes of his upcoming movie Bruno. Here’s a description of the scenes, including Bruno telling an African-American audience that the black child he adopts with his same-sex partner “has a traditional African name: O.J.” [The Wrap]
  • In this video Jackie Mason says he’s not a racist for calling Barack Obama a “schwartza” which means “black” in Yiddish but may or may not be an ethnic slur. He adds, “white people have no freedom of speech.” [TMZ]
  • The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by Andy Samberg. The show airs on May 31. [Entertainment Tonight]
  • The midwife who delivered J.K. Rowling‘s two youngest children is being tried for misconduct after a baby died while under her care. [The Telegraph]
  • Tupac Shakur‘s mother, Afeni Shakur, is planning to sue a production company over the rights to a proposed film about her son’s life. [NY Times]
  • Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are engaged. [People]
  • Mena Suvari is having her wedding gown customized to hide her tattoos to please the family of her fiance, Simone Sestito. “I think it would be considerate to [Sestito’s] family to have my tattoos covered, since there are two nuns on his mother’s side of the family.” [The Daily Express]
  • Rumors that Mariska Hargitay isn’t returning to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit because of her collapsed lung aren’t true. SVU boss Neal Baer says, “That [report] is so bizarre! Her publicist was saying that this is going around, but the answer is absolutely not true! She will be back shortly. I talk to her all the time. She’s doing great, so you can be the first to announce that there is no truth to this. She is slated to come back, she’s feeling really well and she will definitely be back. And she’ll be back for the last four episodes.” [E!]
  • Aspiring America’s Next Top Model contestant Jessica Paravati says the stampede at the audition this weekend broke out when she saw smoke at the back of the line and she heard people started screaming “bomb” and “guns.” She adds, “As the stampede started girls were screaming for their life and people started crying as they were falling all over the ground and running on top of each other trying to jump over the barricades. I was screaming too. I was so scared. I’ve never seen anything like it. We were trapped.” [People]
  • Salma Hayek is on the cover of InStyle‘s April “color issue.” She says of here daughter Valentina Paloma, “She’s a little dictator! She is unique, magical–definitely the most colorful person I’ve ever met. I feel so connected to her, but at the same time, we are completely different. I discover something new about her every day.” [Just Jared]
  • Taylor Swift doesn’t want to talk about sex. “It’s fine to talk about love publicly,” says Swift, “but I think when you talk about virginity and sex publicly, people just automatically picture you naked. And as much as I can prevent people picturing me naked, I’m going to.” [People]
  • Matt Damon says that he thinks the Oscars get it wrong more often than they get it right. “I think that the best way to judge movies is, like, 10 years after they’re released,” he says. “I think they should actually do the awards that way. I think they should have done the Academy Awards this year for movies from 1998.” [The L.A. Times]
  • George Harrison‘s 30-year-old son Dhani is now in a band, but he went to Brown University for design, not music, because he wanted to forge his own path. He says “I watched what happened to a lot of the other kids. Zak [Starkey, Ringo Starr’s son], Sean [Lenno]), Stella [McCartney] have succeeded, but it’s Stella who’s the one who’s not being compared to her father, because her father’s not a fashion designer. Whereas Zak will always be compared to Ringo because he’s a drummer. And Sean will be compared to John because he’s a singer/songwriter. But my dad was never a designer.” [The Daily Express]
  • Kanye West has finally revealed THE SECRET METHOD TO HIS BLOGGING. He says: “I have two people that I hired and I tell them exactly what I want – it’s just like how a designer would work. I tell them, you know, Surface magazine, Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Hypebeast, Bossip – go to these different blogs and keep on pulling information. And then they send it to me, and I get like 80 e-mails, and I have to check and go through them. And sometimes I’ll have my own stuff where I’ll just be in a cool place, like if I had my camera right now, I’d like photograph this stuff and go home and be really excited to blog it. You know, cause I’m in cool places all the time. So it’s a great outlet, and I’m glad so many people are reacting to it. And it’s another opportunity to present design and my opinion of the world and what I think is cool.” [NY Mag]
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