Halliburton's "Policy Against Procreation"?


Former Halliburton employee Lynda Darden is suing the company for sex discrimination and wrongful termination. Court filings allege that she was fired because “she apparently violated the company’s policy against procreation.”

Darden, an administrative associate, was 27 weeks pregnant when she was fired from her job, having notified her supervisor about three months before. Her lawyer, Todd Kelly, represents several women who’ve brought lawsuits against the company, including Jamie Leigh Jones (the Halliburton employee who, after being gangraped by fellow employees, was locked in a shipping container by the company.) Kelly told The Dallas Observer‘s Andrea Grimes,

“I don’t believe that Halliburton treats its women as they should.” He says Darden told her supervisors she was pregnant even though she “had already been told by co-workers that she would be fired if she reported her pregnancy.”

When, in March 2009, Darden was fired, she was told it was part of general layoffs, despite the fact that she was the only one in her group fired, and later a job listing for her position briefly appeared online.

Here’s a copy of the full filing, also courtesy of The Observer.

Darden v. Halliburton Click to view

Lawyer Says Dallas Woman Sued Halliburton After She Violated “Policy Against Procreation” [Dallas Observer]

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