Hamptons Fashion Stained With Celebrity Sweat


This weekend, celebrities gathered in the Hamptons for the annual Super Saturday event — in the name of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund — for some casual fun.

Neither Gayle King nor Edie Falco really bothered with their hair or makeup, unlike Kyle McLaughlin.

Kelly Ripa—one of the hosts of the event—gets my respect for showing up in the Hamptons representing her home state of New Jersey with her animal print dress and rose/heart/tear drop tattoo.

Perhaps La La’s bun was pulled too tight and that’s why she sort of lost her mind and wore a cardigan on Saturday in New York, where it was in the 90s. Karly Klos and Christy Turlington seem dressed a little more appropriately for the heat.

Speaking of the heat, Lisa Rinna had to go and show off her dance moves at the step-and-repeat, which meant she also showed off her sweat stains.

While Emma Roberts and Abigail Breslin looked grownup and pretty in their white dresses, Rachel Zoe was Best Dressed because she wore a breathable muumuu.

Does anyone else get second-hand embarrassment when they see a lady in one of these cowgirl-type hats that Beth Ostrosky is wearing? But at least she doesn’t look as crazy-old-lady as Star Jones and Donna Karan—who seems like menopause personified—do.

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