Happy Hump Day!


Squee! These cheetah cubs who live at the Monarto Zoo in Australia were born last October, but have just recently become old enough to be outside:

On January 15, when the cubs were about 14 weeks old, they spent their first day in the zoo’s habitat, where guests could finally enjoy seeing the spectacle of Nakula and her five furry cubs running in the high grasses. Carnivore Keeper, Michelle Lloyd said, “It’s been nine years since we last had a Cheetah litter at Monarto and, amazingly, Nakula was one of the cubs born in the last litter all those years ago. It’s a lot of fun to watch the cubs running around on exhibit; they’re very energetic and definitely love the space. Nakula has a big job keeping up with them all but she’s doing great.”

More at Zooborns.

Here are the same cubs, being playful back in December!

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