Happy SAE Frat House Mother Sings Racist Chant, America Kinda Sucks


The Sigma Alpha Epsilon “nigger” song controversy at the University of Oklahoma is only getting worse as a video surfaced showing the frat’s house mother singing the same word with a smile two years ago.

The irony is that on Monday, Beauton Gilbow, SAE’s 78-year-old house mother known as “Mom B” according to CBS News, was interviewed by the news station about the fallout from the video and how surprised she was by the students’ actions.

“I heard the words. Unbelievable… This is not SAE,” Gilbow said. “This has been my family, I can’t imagine tomorrow.”

But thanks to this vine video from 2013, which hit the wider web on Tuesday morning, it appears that “Mom B” was fine with the racist chant, because she’s filmed singing one herself.

In response to the racist chant clip, OU students have marched on campus but many still can’t believe this is real life.

At the former SAE frat house, the Greek letters have been removed and moving vans lined up outside of the house to move students to their new apartments or, more likely, the couches of their few remaining friends. Elsewhere the head office of the Tri Delta sorority is on the hunt for whatever member was seen singing along in the original video.

Like Paula Deen using “nigger” as an old white woman from Savannah, Georgia, Gilbow’s video isn’t really surprising. What’s disturbing is that she thought her actions were acceptable now, in 2013 when the clip was filmed and then earlier this week when she acted like she didn’t approve of her boys’ song. Clearly Glibow is fine with SAE’s chant and this situation shows that for all of the Selma 50th anniversary celebrations and wonderful speeches by President Obama, this country’s first black president, we’ve got a while to go before buses filled with white dudes and their sorority friends aren’t singing racial slurs and then acting like they didn’t mean it once they’re caught on film. America, fuck yeah.

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