Harry Styles' Luscious Locks Might Actually Smell Terrible


One Direction hairstylist Lou Teasdale was recently asked what prize cocker spaniel Harry Styles’s fur smells like. Her answer:

“…combination of the One Direction perfume, some Fudge Urban Raspberry and Vanilla hair spray, and tour catering.”

Let’s break down these terrible lies. There is no way that Harry Styles’ hair smells like 1D perfume because 1D perfume is made for young children who don’t understand that smelling like candy and old timey prostitutes isn’t exactly ideal. He also probably doesn’t smell like Fudge hairspray because that’s just clunky product placement, but even if he did, One Direction perfume + raspberry + vanilla is already waaaaay too many scents.

Anyway, I am left to believe that Harry Styles’ hair smells like the burned cooking oil that you find at bottom of catering tray. Very disappointing — we all know that a heartthrob’s hair is supposed to smell like wind, fresh-baked bread and a romantic optimism that’s still unsoiled by the grim realities of adulthood.


Image via Getty.

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