Harry Styles Tells Ellen He's Hooked Up With a Fan, Other Bandmates Lie and Say They Haven't

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One Direction stopped by America’s strangest daytime talk show to play Never Have I Ever with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday. When she asked who’s hooked up with a fan, the only band member to reveal “I HAVE” on his paddle was Harry Styles.

So either:

  • This is all true.
  • Niall, Liam, and the other one are lying.
  • Niall, Liam, and the other one only hook up with people who hate their music.


  • Taylor Swift is the fan he’s talking about.

The only other fascinating revelation was when Niall said he used Harry’s toothbrush once.

[E! Online]

Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera (both newly single) are LIVING TOGETHER, which means all of your 2004 fanfiction has come true! Well, not all of it, just the most boring entries, because this is a platonic shack up.

E! reports there’s nothing even remotely romantic about their living arrangement, and that they are merely “longtime friends.”

They continued:

Their last sighting together occurred last night when Avril and Ryan enjoyed a night of dining at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Pump in West Hollywood.
An eyewitness tells E! News that “[Avril] came with a guy and a lady and they sat for dinner. They were just there hanging out and having happy conversation,” noting that the interaction seemed very “chill” and it didn’t appear to be romantic between the two.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you went home with Ryan Cabrera and he was like, “Be quiet I don’t want to wake my roommate,” and then the next morning you try to sneak out but bump into Avril Lavigne making coffee in the kitchen while wearing, like, a worn out Blink 182 concert t-shirt?

She’s all, “Hi. I’m Ryan’s roommate. Want some coffee?”

So you drink a cup of coffee with Avril Lavigne in the home she shares with Ryan Cabrera.

[E! Online]

Jessica Chastain reached out to her Huntsman costar Chris Hemsworth after David Beckham was named People’s sexiest man alive: “Oh man…you must be devestated [sic]. I know how much this title meant to you.”

  • Montage Alert! Sandra Bullock is spending so much money for her new boyfriend’s makeover. [OK!]
  • Radar cannot BELIEVE an adult man would want to have sex with women AND men AND transexuals! [Radar Online]
  • Don’t send Debra Messing—or anyone, for that matter—unsolicited dick pics, please? [Us Weekly]
  • Oliver Hudson and his estranged father might be “mending” their relationship. [E! Online]
  • Two people I forgot about are having a baby. [Page Six]
  • There’s a mean girl in Bella Thorne’s life and I’m desperate to know who it is. [Celebitchy]
  • Guy Fieri thinks Anthony Bourdain “definitely gotta have issues” for being so mean to him and others. [ONTD]
  • Whoops I forgot about those two people again.
  • Tamar Braxton is out of the hospital! [TMZ]

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