Harvey Weinstein Gloats from His Prison Cell That She Said Box Office Bomb ‘Isn’t a Surprise’

Oh, fine. I’ll say it: For a man notably without testicles, that’s just ballsy.

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Harvey Weinstein Gloats from His Prison Cell That She Said Box Office Bomb ‘Isn’t a Surprise’
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Somehow, despite being in prison and on trial for sex abuse for the second time, disgraced producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein still has opinions on the happenings in Hollywood—more specifically, the dismal box office performance of a certain film about a certain disgraced producer and convicted rapist.

On Monday, the Hollywood Reporter reported that She Said—which follows the harrowing real-life story of the New York Times investigation of Weinstein—had “one of the worst starts in modern times” for a major motion picture, despite overwhelmingly positive reviews. Released last weekend, November 18, the film opened to an estimated $2.2 million despite a 2,022 theater-span.

Now, a spokesperson for Weinstein, who one would think has more important things to do than comment on the release of She Said, has issued a statement on his behalf: “The film She Said bombing isn’t a surprise,” Juda Engelmayer told Variety. “Movie watchers want to be entertained, especially now. Details of the investigation, the #MeToo movement, the story of Weinstein and the accusers, has been told over and over again these past five years and it is clear that there was little worth paying to see it here. Harvey, the film producer and distributor, would have known that.”

Would he, though? Sometimes, I fear, Weinstein is confused with the Midas of Movieland, given he’s got a few Oscars under his orange jumpsuit. However, I think it wise to remind us all that throughout his career, he also helmed the following: Doogal; Superhero Movie; Automaton Transfusion; Who’s Your Caddy?; Thunderpants; Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Need I go on?

And, hey, while we’re on the topic of things that aren’t a surprise, let’s briefly revisit the gall required to comment on a film that chronicles the whole host of harm and criminal wrongdoings perpetrated by you—during the second month of your second sex abuse trial. Oh, fine. I’ll say it: For a man notably without testicles, that’s just ballsy.

It’ll be fun when She Said, a film that regardless of its lackluster release has generated Oscar buzz since its trailer hit the internet, takes home an award or two, and all the people who enabled Weinstein for decades applaud as if they didn’t.

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