Harvey Weinstein Told Cara Delevingne to Hide Her Sexuality With 'a Beard'

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Harvey Weinstein Told Cara Delevingne to Hide Her Sexuality With 'a Beard'

In a new interview with Net a Porter, Cara Delevingne revealed that while Harvey Weinstein didn’t sexually harass her until 2017, he did offer her some extremely shitty “advice” shortly after meeting her.

Asked whether being open about her fluid sexuality impacted her career, Delevingne replied that at first, she doesn’t “think it helped.” While the film industry does seem like an inhospitable place for basically anyone who breaks the mold, perhaps that idea was put in her head by….someone else:

“One of the first things Harvey Weinstein ever said to me was, ‘You will never make it in this industry as a gay woman – get a beard.’” This was, she says, “a long time before he tried to touch me”. (In October 2017, she alleged that Weinstein had made sexual advances towards her and tried to get her to kiss another actress in front of him.) In the earlier encounter, “when I’d just started to audition for films, he was naming people [women] I’m friends with – famous people – and asking, ‘Have you slept with this person?’ I just thought: this is insane.”

Currently, Delevingne is a year into her relationship with Ashley Benson and has a starring role in the new Amazon series Carnival Row. Weinstein is going to start his criminal trial in January. [Net a Porter]

Family dinner was RUINED by what feels to me like a scripted argument, but what do I know.

Do we still talk about corporal punishment in 2019? In this economy?!

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