Has Mariah Carey Never Received a Shot Before?

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Has Mariah Carey Never Received a Shot Before?

Good news: More people are getting vaccinated against covid-19, proving that there is some sort of light at the end of the longest tunnel in recent history. Bad news: Social media is still being inundated with annoying or overly dramatic videos of people getting their shots, such as this absolute mind-melter from Mariah Carey, who recently received her first dose of the vaccine.

Let’s break this down from the top. Vax fit? Good. Hair? Amazing. Speaking to the camera while nurses are “having a medical narrative”? I don’t love it but I can appreciate that she added subtitles for the hearing impaired, and for those who cannot listen to five conversations happening at one time and keep up with all of them—or as I like to call them, non-Puerto Ricans. Colorful gloves worn by the person administering the vaccine? Lovely touch.

The climax of this video wherein she receives the jab and delivers her signature hell note? Could live without it, madame! I get that not everyone can deal with needles; personally, I don’t love them either and I cry a little bit every time I get a tattoo but for fuck’s sake this is going out to the masses Ms. Carey, a little composure, please. Remember who you are! Also, you are not convincing anyone that you can still sustain the whistle note by hitting it for .5 seconds. Voices change over time, everyone has accepted it.

Just as a quick sidenote because this is a respected publication, Mariah’s caption for this video states that a side effect of the vaccine is vocally reaching the key of “G6.” This has not been confirmed by the CDC and this post will be updated if that information should change. Please do not fear hitting an unhittable note when you get your shot until doctors can prove otherwise.

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