Have You Seen Lenny Kravitz's Lost Sunglasses?

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Have You Seen Lenny Kravitz's Lost Sunglasses?

A friend recently told me that her boyfriend, who works in finance, owns a $700 pair of sunglasses. My reaction to this news was to choke on my seltzer water, which is what I drink in bars to save money, and while my hacking cough has since abated, my wonderment at the fact of such sunglasses has not. What happens if you lose them!? It’s a dangerous thing to get too attached to sunglasses, since their disappearance rates are among the highest of everyday objects. (Your favorite underwear is the first highest. WHERE DOES IT GO?)

Lenny Kravitz knows firsthand the pain of losing valuable sunglasses, not because it would cost too much to get new ones, but because his special robot shades are vintage and can’t be replaced with the simple flick of a credit card. Sunglasses are Kravitz’s thing, so I can appreciate the magnitude of this loss.

That said, who is the intern who has to wade through the sea of dick pics sent to [email protected]? Also, if you found Lenny Kravitz’s sunglasses, would you return them to him (no questions asked!) or would you sell them on eBay for the exact amount of your student loan debt? I know what I’d do, but I’m not telling. [Page Six]

TMZ seems to think this is an image of a “Mystery Man” sucking Blac Chyna’s toes during a romantic (?) dinner in Woodland Hills. I think it’s an image of a Mystery Man devouring her entire foot as an appetizer.


I’m no square, but this is just rude. Throw them in the same cell where they keep the subway nail-clippers. [TMZ]

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