Hear Me Out: This Chainsmokers Song Is the Best Thing I've Ever Heard


Hear me out. Just listen to it. That’s right—you’re peaking. The sunrise is coming slowly across the tree line, flickers of electric pink are lifting the deep blue haze from the cloud cover, and someone you love is smiling at you and everything you’ve ever been asked to do is dissolving and everything you want to do is right here. My god, have another beer already. You’re peaking and this song is so damn good.

Am I serious? Fucking Chainsmokers? Let me assure you, I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life. Chainsmokers should never have put out “Selfie,” which was execrable. But “Kanye” was phenomenal. And this one—stupid silly silicone future-bass-bliss Rainbow-Road-in-the-teen-club “Roses,” ft. ROZES—is basically incandescent. Smoke a little weed and take a shower with it: summer exists for surprising yourself with some old sweetness in your taste.

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