Hear Two New Songs by Rihanna; Glorious, Glorious Rihanna


Rihzus Godsend Fenty has been doing the press rounds of late promoting Home, the animated children’s film which cast her as the voice of the main character and forced her to be in the same room with Jim Parsons. She’s also been slowly releasing the songs that she recorded for the soundtrack, which I present to you here by the power vested in me by the state of LOVING RIHANNA FENTY AND MY SWORN ADHERENCE TO THE NAVY BECAUSE NEW RIHHHHHHZUUUUUUSSSSSSS!

First up is the ballad “As Real As You and Me,” which Rihanna cowrote, about emotional fortitude and how it translates to fealtiness in friendship and the corporeal. And it’s a BANGER, Y’ALL! A pure, sweet ballad that showcases Rihanna’s soaring dove of a voice, which is becoming clearer and clearer thanks, no doubt, to the blessed hand of the LORD aka HER OWN DAMN SELF!

Alongside that track is “Dancing in the Dark,” an upbeat pop jam written by Ester Dean that augments her beautifully enunciated lyrics with heavenly “oohs” and violins, aka the only instruments that should ever be allowed to be near the lovely god and queen Rihzus, RIHANNA! And because it’s a kid’s movie and Rihanna is an ANGEL these are the clean versions of both tracks! Listen to both of them at the website of the super cool lady and Friend to Rihanna, Miss Info!

This has been a special brief from the Rihanna Rihport.

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