Heidi Klum Is Taking Naked Pictures For Project Runway


There are many glad tidings of Heidi Klum this morning. First: the supermodel-slash-AOL-blogger shot a new Got Milk? ad. [Us]
And Klum is said to be posing nude for sexy new promo shots for this season of Project Runway, since Lifetime is The Sexy Channel For Women and all. [THR]
Klum’s line for New Balance is expanding to include six models of footwear, priced at $60-$90. [WWD]
And in yet more news of the German One and, um, footwear, she also has a namesake shoe line called HK by Heidi Klum, which goes on sale at Amazon today. Styles will go for $89-$159. Perhaps we underestimate Klum’s appeal, but $160 is an awful lot to spend on celebrity branded shoes. [WWD]

This roundup of Kate Moss pictures is intended to show how she looks bloody awful now, that harridan, how dare she enjoy a drink or a smoke or a sniff of cocaine, but instead it kind of shows that Kate is freakishly ageless. Total body-snark fail, Daily Mail! [Daily Mail]
Speaking of Kate photos, here’s a roundup of her wearing various white dresses over the years. [Fashionologie]
And an old Burberry campaign, in which she posed as a bride. [Fashionologie]

This week, Bluefly launched a fancy new online eye wear site called Eyefly where the glasses cost less than $100. It hired Tommy Ton to shoot a bunch of fashion celebrities for the homepage, and threw a (presumably) swell launch party last night. (We were invited but couldn’t attend due to a conflict.) Last year, a site called Warby Parker was launched, and it too sells fashionable glasses for less than $100 (each pair sold equals one pair donated to charity, like Toms shoes). If you look at the shots of models wearing glasses on Eyefly, some of them are identical to those on Warby Parker. Did Eyefly really steal Warby Parker‘s photos? What, they couldn’t spring for their own model and their own photographer? [Racked]

Beyoncé’s on the new cover of Essence. [Essence]

Claudia Schiffer is dreamy-looking in Prada on the new cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK. [FGR]

  • FHM is really sorry if anyone was offended that it called Andrej Pejic a “thing” and said the idea of him working for Victoria’s Secret — which prospect Pejic had once raised jokingly in an interview — made FHM want to vomit. [FHM]
  • Council of Fashion Designers of America executive director Steven Kolb — who is by the way well worth following on Twitter, no seriously, do it now — came out of the non-profit world, and says that when he steps down, it will not be for another position in fashion. In fact, going to events and things isn’t his cup of tea. “One thing I know for sure — and I have no plans to go anywhere — but when I walk away from fashion, I’m done. There’s this hierarchy in fashion over things like where you sit and what you’re invited to. I’m lucky that I get invited to things and have good seats, but if I never go to another fashion show again, that will be okay.” What are his future plans? “My fantasy would be to open a bicycle shop in Provincetown and fix bicycles. And I am not a handyman!” [FashionETC]
  • Sofia Coppola will be presenting Marc Jacobs with his CFDA lifetime achievement award. [WWD]
  • Lady Gaga told Stephen Fry that her meat dress was actually a statement about gay rights. See, she once called equality “the prime rib of America” and the dress was made of steak and prime rib, therefore, the dress = equality. “The meat dress. You saw the prime rib of America speech so you knew it was about equality, but nobody else knew that … Everyone just saw pork. It wasn’t pork! It was prime rib and plain steak.” Pork! That’s just silly. [FT]
  • Diane von Furstenberg‘s new perfume, Diane, is not just a perfume. It’s a tool of empowerment. “Be the woman you want to be. It’s all about empowering women,” she says. [WWD]
  • Michael Musto says Karl Lagerfeld is not such a great public speaker. When he accepted a Gordon Parks award for his photography, the designer said, “I’m a little ashamed. I consider myself lazy.” According to Musto, “Then his voice accelerated like a Preakness pony, and I have no idea what he said after that—something about moving forward, ever forward, followed by a really quick ‘Thank you very much’ and a fashionable exit. The net effect was very mature Ken doll via Zoolander, all on a diet plan.” [Village Voice]
  • Lagerfeld says the images from Chanel’s fall campaign, which is styled by Carine Roitfeld, that have hit the Internet were stolen. And he doesn’t know by whom. Chanel face Freja Beha Erichsen, meanwhile, says she would like to write more poetry. “I do write now, but I’d like to actually be really good at it, you know? It takes years of practice, I think, in order to get really good at something.” [The Cut]
  • That Fendi fashion show that the South Korean government threatened to ban, due to pressure from local animal-rights groups and Fendi’s use of fur, went off more or less without a hitch. Models walked on a barge on the Han river, and attendees included celebrities Zhang Ziyi and Yunjin Kim. Protesters gathered outside the event, and briefly interrupted the start of the show. Silva Fendi said, “We respect different beliefs,” she said. “We did a collection of fake fur several years ago but found it is the most polluting thing for the environment. Pesticides and bleaches are used to produce cotton garments. Many anti-fur campaigners eat fish and meat and wear leather shoes. Fur is a most natural thing and was used as the first garment. My grandmother stopped buying white and spotted animal furs. We are trying to find a solution.” [WWD]
  • Hamish Bowles is writing a memoir. [Fashionologie]
  • Josie Maran, the model turned “natural” cosmetics executive, says that going into business has been challenging: “I went from having it all to having my business manager tell me I had three months to figure it out or my house would be repossessed.” But she’s proud of her line’s growth: “Especially in the last year, I’ve had success with Sephora and QVC, but what touched me the most was getting a call from the head oncologist at Cedars-Sinai [Medical Center, in Los Angeles] and having him tell me that his patients were using my Argan Oil and that he’d never seen such skin healing from chemotherapy treatments. It’s sold at Cedars-Sinai now. That’s what it’s all about to me: doing well by doing good.” [WWD]
  • Lindsey Wixson, who recently turned 17, would like to become a pop star after modeling. Or a pilot. Or a cooking show host. “I have been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra lately. I’m just trying to get my voice to open up because it’s in tune, but I need to project more and I want to work on it…I also want to learn how to fly a plane, and be a pastry chef at some point. I remember my grandma teaching me how to make a pie and how to make fudge — pecan pie is very Kansas. Maybe I’ll do a cooking show? I’ll be like, ‘Bam!'” [Style.com]
  • Model Colinne Michaelis: “Don’t forget I come from France, so being chic is essential in the way I dress.” [The Cut
  • Michael Kors is going to be on 20/20 tonight. [WWD]
  • Botox might make your dick look bigger. [Fashionista]
  • A conceptual artist named Cherry Tree makes perfume from her own urine. But only urine she passes after a full moon. Otherwise, that’d be really weird. [AOL]
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