Hell Is This Rose Petal Mess Travis Scott ‘Gifted’ Kylie Jenner for Her 22nd Birthday

Hell Is This Rose Petal Mess Travis Scott ‘Gifted’ Kylie Jenner for Her 22nd Birthday

On Valentine’s Day this year, Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian-West by trapping Kenny G. in their cold, barren home and placing hundreds of individual roses in individual vases around the saxophonist, ensuring he could never escape. There are tons of metaphors to be made here, most of which probably deal with how the wealthy oppress us, but I was mostly pissed that he wasted all those flowers for the ‘gram. But then I saw the hellish rose petal massacre Travis Scott burdened Kylie Jenner in “celebration” of her forthcoming 22nd birthday. He must’ve seen Kimye’s move, thought, “I can be more obnoxious,” and the rest is history.

Please note baby Stormi Webster in the corner, trapped, wishing for the sweet release of… a regular floor to walk on.

Screenshot:Kylie Jenner’s Instagram

This is obscene. Those flowers must’ve cost hundreds of thousands of dollars—they cover the floor of her grand hall or whatever the hell that poorly decorated foyer is supposed to be, and they are bursting out of giant vases that adorn every table. It’s reminiscent of the blood elevator scene in The Shining, but something tells me dousing her home in human fluid might’ve been a more affordable move.

Naturally, Kylie was delighted by the waste and gratuitous display of wealth, perhaps because she knows she will not be responsible for cleaning it up.

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