Here Are Jezebel's Selections For People's Sexiest Man of the Year


It takes 56,000 People staffers just over 330 days to meet and interview all the men in the world, but by god, they do it every single year and always choose the most deserving one to grace their first December cover.

In a few short hours, zero-time Sexiest Man Alive Jimmy Kimmel will announce People’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2015—but until then, the Jezebel staff has their own picks.

Erin Ryan: Seth MacFarlane

“Because I’d love to see everybody get mad and he made a really good christmas album and i think he’s hot. :(“

Jane Marie: Peter Quinn (from Homeland)

“He can get shot and stabbed and STILL fuck all types of women.”

Kara Brown: Jason Momoa

“Because he loves Lisa Bonet so much.”

Ellie Shechet: Hot Gorilla

“Ya he’s a gorilla but I Would.

Mark Shrayber: James Wolk

“OMG he is literally like the most attractive white man ever.”

Madeleine Davies: Gene Wilder Circa Young Frankenstein

“I just think he’s a babe.”

Joanna Rothkopf: Caesar Flickerman

“Because of his impeccable grooming habits.”

Hillary Crosley Coker: Jesse Williams

“He’s an intelligent activist who doesn’t subscribe to the madness around how hot he is without a shirt on and married his original girlfriend. What’s not to love?”

Kelly Faircloth: Shirtless Poldark Star

“Specifically shirtless. Crop out his face.”

Clover Hope: Trevor Noah

“Because he’s my bf.”

Jia Tolentino: Poot Lovato (from Demi’s basement)

“Because Lovato “poots” the sex in “sexiest twin alive.”

I’m betting on Poot, to be honest.

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