Here Are Some More Surprising Nicknames Celebrities Call Their Partners


This week, a source told Us Weekly that Taylor Swift calls Calvin Harris by his real name, Adam, in private. This shocked some, but should have come as no surprise to anyone. Celebrities are, as we’re so often told, just like us. And us, or we, like giving people—especially ones we’re in love with—nicknames.

Below is a list of other nicknames celebrities call their partners. How many were you aware of?

Tyga Calls Kylie Jenner “Captain Ron”

Tyga’s favorite movie is Captain Ron, which Kylie has never seen. He says he will call her “Captain Ron” until she finally takes the time to watch it.

Jennifer Aniston Calls Justin Theroux “Hey”

This is also Justin’s nickname for Jennifer.

Serena Williams Calls Drake “Degrassi”

Serena originally called him “Wheelchair,” but after Drake told her it made him uncomfortable, she switched to the less problematic “Degrassi.”

Robert Pattinson Calls FKA Twigs “Twigs”

He calls her “FKA MY FIANCEE” when they fight.

Demi Lovato Calls Wilmer Valderrama “Jesus Christ”

This nickname is used primarily in bed.

Kim Kardashian Calls Kanye West “Ned”

She thinks this is funny. Kanye does not.

Jamie Foxx Calls Katie Holmes “Big Suri”

Surprisingly, Jamie began calling her this before knowing Katie’s daughter’s name.

Julianne Hough Calls Brooks Laich **Cough**

Because the newly engaged pair both have last names that sound like someone clearing their throat, Julianne and Brooks simply cough to get each other’s attention. Sources tell Jezebel a recent bout with bronchitis was particularly tough on the couple.

Kate Middleton Calls Prince William “J.C. Dubs”

As in “Just Can’t Wait,” as in “Just Can’t Wait To Be King.”

Sofia Vergara Calls Joe Manganiello “Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!!!!”

I mean, did you see Magic Mike XXL? My god.

Beyonce Knowles Calls Jay Z “Shawn Carter, Husband and Father of My Child, the Once and Future Goddess of His Eternal and Holy Light, Blue Ivy”

Jay Z simply calls her “Bey.”

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