Here Is a 15-Second Trailer for a Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer


There’s another trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. Except, wait—it’s actually a 15-second trailer for another trailer that will premiere next week during Scandal. Considering Fitz and Olivia are now roughly as annoying as Ana and Christian, that sounds about right!

Watch as Christian stares into a closet full of identical suits and shirts, lit with fluorescent lighting. It looks like a refrigerator. Then he selects a tie from a drawer full of boring ties straight out of the Donald Trump collection. Wow, so domly. Select another tie, sir. It just drives me wild watching you select ties. Nothing gets a gal hornier than a drawer full of neckties. Can’t even walk through the men’s department anymore.

Jamie Dornan’s muscular back, though.

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