Here Is a Perfectly Nice Blog Post About Taylor Swift Dancing at Her Own Party

Here Is a Perfectly Nice Blog Post About Taylor Swift Dancing at Her Own Party
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Taylor Swift, a musical artist I have no negative opinion of whatsoever for reasons that certainly do not include my being deathly afraid of her fans, how could you think such a thing, threw a party in Los Angeles on Saturday night and danced a lot. A’keria Davenport from Drag Race was there! So was everybody in HAIM! They all had fun! Please do not threaten my family with violence! Seriously, I am happy she had fun!

E! Online reports that Swift and her team celebrated her many 2019 MTA Video Music Award nominations for “You Need to Calm Down” at Beauty and Essex in Hollywood. Stars like Laverne Cox, Hayley Kiyoko, and the aforementioned Davenport, all of whom have cameos in the video, were present.

Presumably many bottles of alcohol were present as well, since on Sunday social media was alit with posts about drunk Taylor Swift being the best Taylor Swift. I believe it! And not because I think sober Taylor Swift is bad! For the love of god, do not hurt me!

Here she is, having fun. Stay tuned through the end to catch Cox and Chester Lockhart taking selfies:

More fun:

Everyone is having fun!

Swift netted 10 VMA nominations, including Video of the Year for “You Need to Calm Down,” which she’ll perform at the award show. She is also starring as a terrifying cat human in the upcoming cinematic masterpiece OF THE YEAR, and this weekend she made Kid Rock look like a huge tool. Taylor Swift is having a good summer and I am very happy for her!

May everyone have equally good and responsibly fun summers, and not email me any death threats.

Correction: A previous version of this post identified the person taking selfies with Laverne Cox as Troye Sivan. It is actually Chester Lockhart. Jezebel apologizes for the error.

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