Here Is a Video of Sir Ian McKellen Singing as a Cat From Cats


I am still recovering from the terrifying ‘90s Cats commercials that backdropped my childhood nightmares, but the upcoming movie adaptation does seem to be shaping up nicely. It appears Sir Ian McKellen has been aptly cast as Gus the Theater Cat, and he offered up a small sampling of the feline terror to come on the Graham Norton Show, which you can watch above.

McKellen joins fellow singing cats Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Jennifer Hudson in the Tom Hooper-directed film, in addition to James Corden, who seems to be contractually obligated to appear in every misguided movie musical on Earth. I have not quite come back from Russell Crowe’s singing voice and Anne Hathaway’s nostrils in the Hooper-directed Les Miserables adaptation and therefore had not previously planned to patronize this film. But now that I’ve got an image of Magneto eating cat food in my head it seems like I must, if just to see Taylor Swift also eat cat food.

Cats: The Musical, The Movie comes out in December 2019, if we make it there.

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