Here It Is, the Worst 'Trap Queen' Cover 


I’m screaming. The internet’s discovered this Cherry Wappin’ Babies-style “Trap Queen” cover, which child actor George Dalton (the Camp Firewood DJ in the Wet Hot prequel!) put out in July. As Desus said, Fetty ain’t lose an eye for this.

I’m like hey what’s up hello, you look pretty awe-some as you come in the door, gurgles Baby Wap. She my trap queen, let her in the condo.

Want to meet the trap queen in question?

And another?

Get it? They’re literally in the kitchen making pies. One more question:

Does he look like Lori Greiner? “For those reasons, you’re my trap queen.”

Sorry, one more question.

Have you ever seen swag like this in your life?

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