Here's Ariana Grande Doing an Impression of Her 90-Year-Old Nana After Winning an AMA


Rumored actual baby and notorious donut-licker Ariana Grande won an award at the American Music Awards Sunday night—and the win really goes to her grandma, who told Grande that she voted on the computer so that her granddaughter would win.

Here’s Grande doing her impression of her beloved grandmother as she accepts the award:

If you can’t hear what she’s saying, Cosmo has helpfully provided a transcript:

“I think I owe a lot of this to my Nonna, who made sure to remind me that she voted,” Ariana said before launching into an impression of her. “She goes, ‘Ariana, I went on the computer. I voted. So I think you’ll win!’”

This isn’t the first time Ariana Grandma has come into the spotlight. In October, Grande explained that her nonna doesn’t understand texting, and did an impression of what the nonagenarian’s messages look like:

When she’s not joking about her nonna and her friends (they all love Andrea Bocelli), she’s praising Grandma for inspiring her fashion and being the kind of style icon that the singer aspires to.

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