Here's Channing Tatum Stripping Just for You In Da Club

Everybody calm down and take a seat. There’s enough Chan Crawford for everyone. Here’s a video of him stripping before he was famous and, you guys, he is an entertainer. Who wouldn’t want this guy performing at their birthday or christening?

Yes, the video is from 2009, but it’s making the rounds again today as the internet is reminded that Magic Mike XXL is alive and well and coming to theaters. Us Weekly, the publication that got their hands on the footage first, has just republished it and, really, it’s worth another look.

This whole thing reminds me of the time I went to Chippendale’s (three months ago) and was pretty disappointed by how lackluster the performances were (looking at you, star of Sharknado Ian Ziering) and how few butts were on display. You want to see entertainment? Here it is. Take a string from Chan Crawford’s G! (That sounded so much better in my head.)

This video totally makes up for that night and the fact that I was one of three guys in the audience (the other two were there to make sure their ladies did not get too wild with star of Sharknado Ian Ziering) and that the woman behind me spilled her drink down my back when she got too excited by a Chippendale kissing her on the cheek.

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