Here's Emma Stone Singing, Circa 2004, For The Chance To Be A Partridge


Well, well, well — now we know that Emma Stone didn’t just magically burst onto the scene during the filming of Superbad, all calm, cool, and collected. In 2004 she was just another girl looking to find fame any way she could. And she found it — sort of — on the Vh1 reality series In Search of The Partridge Family.

While you might not have been tuned into the show, we did (don’t judge) and can fill you in: a set of 8 people competed for the roles of each of the Partridge kids and were judged on their singing, acting, and resemblance to the original cast. (So 8 “Keiths” would perform, 8 “Shirleys,” etc.) The winners of said competition would also win a role on the forthcoming sitcom, The New Partridge Family. It was even hosted by David Cassidy.

Now’s when we mention that Emma not only competed on the series, but won the role of Laurie Partridge. (The show also featured a young Teddy Geiger at the tender age of 15.) The series was canceled after the pilot was filmed, and the episode never made it to air.

[YouTube via HuffPo, Image via TV Rage.]

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