Here's How to Survive a Social Media Blackout


Some of us in the Northeast might face untold horrors tonight when our power goes out and we can no longer Facebook, Tweet, and Instagram our feelings about the Frankenstorm. Don’t fret! We’ve come up with some DIY replacements for your favorite apps and digital distractions. Leave your own suggestions below; we’ll get through this together.

  • Instead of watching YouTube videos of cats, pet your softest blanket.
  • Instead of shopping on Amazon, hoard all of the coffee mugs from the kitchen on your bedroom windowsill.
  • Instead of cruising Grindr, look at your high school yearbook and wonder what everyone in your old drama club is up to these days.
  • Instead of playing Tetris, rearrange your furniture.
  • Instead of checking in on FourSquare, stomp on the ground really loudly so your downstairs neighbor knows where you are.
  • Instead of stalking friends on Facebook, hold a cup up to your roommate’s door.
  • Instead of Tweeting, write witty quips on Post-Its and then attach them to falling leaves.
  • Instead of posting photos to Instagram, put on BluBlocker sunglasses.
  • Instead of looking at gifs, turn on a strobe light.
  • Instead of checking WebMD, check out your roommate’s moles.
  • Instead of looking at storm Webcams … look out your window. Ba-dum ching.
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