Here's Motivational Lip-Syncer Vin Diesel Wiggling Around on the Beach


Continuing his wildly successful one-man campaign to legitimize the existence of Facebook, Vin Diesel has uploaded a new video to his heartwarming and now-legendary personal page, also (and of course) known as VinBook.

The video features Vin and Some Ladies silhouetted against a beautiful postcard sunset on the beach, doing some inspirationally remedial lip-syncing and undulating in a detached manner to the beat. Every aspect of it is half-assed and thus deeply motivational: we too could be Some Ladies, constantly confused about what is happening, or Vin himself, who flaps his bird wings on at least seven occasions and appears to be holding the jambox the whole time.

Some ad-lib noises can be heard in the background. “Ready?” a male voice yells, presumably Mr. Diesel. No one answers: what do they need to be ready for, except for the heady pull of the ocean and the one line (“Come together,” at 2:55) that Vin Diesel actually knows?

The soundtrack for this is “Firestone,” a new single by Kygo, who is definitely my favorite producer whose songs sound like they have steel drums in them even when there are no steel drums in them. Bless the publicist who was like, “What if we have Vin do a video for it.” Facebook comments that I agree with include Vin YOU on that Molly ! ! ! as well as So emotional! Only a very sensitive person could feel this song with such a vibe!

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