Here's One Way to Handle Things When Someone's Texting and Driving


A woman was driving while distracted on her cell phone, and veered into oncoming traffic. Then, a fellow driver took her phone and smashed it. TCB, sir.

Seriously, people, knock it the hell off. Didn’t everyone watch that Werner Herzog documentary on texting and driving? I made it about half-way through but was so upset at my cell phone and myself that I was about to throw us both out a window. Do not fuck with your cell phone when you’re driving, that shit is MAD DANGEROUS. I don’t care if you’re on a four-way call with Beyoncé, Nyan Cat, and your future self and they’re all being hilarious and amazing and telling you secrets and winning lottery numbers, you hang up that phone! (Or pull over, it is Beyoncé, Nyan Cat, and your future self — don’t mess this up.)

Still not convinced? Watch this if you want to cry forever/be convinced:

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