Here's Proof That Not Washing Your Face Is Totally Disgusting


Confession, guys: unless I’m in the shower and I feel particularly grimy that day, I rarely wash my face. I figured my face skin was sort of like dirty laundry — if stuff lays around for long enough, everything just kind of cleans itself (I realize, typing this out, that my logic is flawed). Anyway, long story short, turns out I’m disgusting. Not washing my face is Very Bad, and it’s probably making me look Old.

The perils of not washing one’s face were showcased on a recent episode of The Doctors, which is a daytime talk show for jobless idiots with a lot of questions about their own buttholes and starring a cast of attractive white coat-wearing MD’s who occasionally seem drunk or on drugs. Apparently a woman who had nothing better to do wanted to know what would happen to her face skin if she spent an entire month not washing her makeup off. The results? She looked bad! Here are some Huffington Post people talking about it on an internet video!

While the segment makes it sound like not washing one’s face will make a person look like hell, it sounds like the real culprit is not washing one’s face after wearing a face full of makeup. So, what’s a lazy person to do? Just stop painting your face! You’ll look fresh as a daisy, and no one will be able to guess it’s because you’ve completely given up.


Image via Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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