Here's That Chris Crocker Documentary You Didn't Ask For


If you’re reading this, it means you’re on this website, which means you are aware of the internet and therefore are most likely familiar with Chris Crocker, also known as the weepy dude who, in 2007, shouted three very special words: “Leave Britney alone!” And now, Me At The Zoo — titled after the first video ever uploaded to YouTube, which makes no sense — seeks to take “an intimate look at a controversial young video blogger, regarded by millions as the Internet’s first rebel folk hero.” Right.

I disagree with the latter half of that sentence. But as of this posting, 30 people — and 936 of their hard-earned dollars — agree with it so much that they’re funding the project over at Kickstarter. And you can donate, too, but we should let you know first that everything you ever wanted to know or see about Chris Crocker is readily available on his blog. Like his penis (NSFW, of course). But sure, why not a documentary?

[Kickstarter via Videogum]

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