Here's The 'Rapist List' Flyer Being Anonymously Handed Out At Columbia


Earlier today, we reported that a “rapist list” penned by unknown authors was appearing in women’s bathroom stall walls on Columbia University’s campus. University custodians were erasing the lists almost as quickly as they appeared. But now, whoever is responsible has doubled the fuck down; instead of scribbling names on walls, they’re handing out flyers.

The flyers list the names of four men that the authors say were found responsible for sexual assault yet allowed to remain on campus. For the sake of their privacy, we’ve blurred out the names, but the list includes a musician, a prominent writer for a campus publication, and a varsity athlete. The three whose enrollment at Columbia we were able to verify appear to be current students, according to their public social media accounts.

Our tipster also sent this image ostensibly taken in a women’s rest room at Columbia, of a pile of undistributed flyers, each of which contains the four names and a warning for members of the Columbia community. Stay safe.

Stay tuned for more on this.

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