Here's What You Get at a Bachelor Party That Costs $10K Per Person


Close your eyes and imagine being in the 1%. You’re constantly wearing a tuxedo, you splash peasants as you ride by them in your stagecoach, you spend your days working as the cruel overlord of a mill and, on top of all that, you can afford to shell out $10,000 to go to your banker bro’s bachelor party in Kiev.

While this fantasy will likely end for you once you open your peepers and take in your ramshackle reality (sorry, my IKEA coffee table just broke so I am in a DARK PLACE), there are some people who actually live this kind of extravagant life. In fact, there’s a man named Lee Abbamonte who is making a living by organizing insane and expensive bachelor parties for incredibly rich people.

Abbamonte is currently the youngest American to have ever traveled to every country in the world. He’s a travel blogger and travel correspondent who occasionally appears on TV to give trip advice. Going through his Twitter feed, it’s hard not to get jealous of him as he posts hotel balcony photos from all over the world, but it’s also hard to blame him for turning his love of travel into a more than decent career.

After organizing a few successful bachelor parties for friends who knew about his travel expertise, Abbamonte began getting requests for help from strangers and, next thing you know, he was organizing bachelor parties professionally.

For those of us who balk when our friends’ suggest taking a weekend trip to Atlantic City (where everyone will try to pack into a single cheap hotel room in order to save money), the idea of forking over 10 grand (PER PERSON) for a bachelor party sounds ridiculous, but there are indeed people out there who have the cash and are totally willing to spend it.

In a recent interview with The Cut‘s Arianna Davis, Abbamonte described what some of his more successful bachelor parties have looked like:

It was in Kiev. During the day, we went to a shooting range where we rode in Soviet-era tanks and shot arrows and machine guns; we also caught a Ukrainian football game and ate a ton of chicken Kiev. At night, we hired hot Ukrainian tour guides — it sounds sketchy but they’re not escorts — to show us around, which was a great idea because none of us knew the language or where to go. Plus, it’s much easier for 15 dudes to get into a club when you have a pretty local helping you. You can get bottle service in the clubs there for less than $50; when we got back to the Hyatt, we’d hit the sauna to sweat out the gallons of vodka we drank.

Abbamonte loves Eastern Europe for bachelor parties because of its active nightlife scene, which usually doesn’t slow down until 6 or 7 in the morning. That said, he’s willing to throw them anywhere in the world:

I did one in Vegas at the Palms Hotel that cost more than $20,000 for the weekend. We stayed at the Sky Villa suite: 6,500 square feet, has its own exercise room, a pool that hangs over the street, beds that spin, and private butlers who bring you food and booze any time you need it. For the daytime, we did a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, raced non-street-legal Ferraris at 180 miles an hour, shot machine guns in the Mojave desert, BASE jumped 829 feet from the Stratosphere Hotel, and flew F-16 fighter jets — fighter pilots showed us how to do all kinds of stunts and low-level mountain flying.

Crazy how one man’s dream bachelor party is a Jezebel writer’s worst nightmare.

As for typical bachelor party fare like naked ladies, Abbamonte isn’t into it:

I actually think strippers are pretty cliché. The most outrageous requests I get are never from the groom — he just wants to get wasted and have fun — it’s the best man who wants strippers in the room at all times. I like to go for other kinds of shock value: zip lining, tank riding, ATV riding, bungee jumping — basically anything with an adrenaline rush that you probably wouldn’t do at home or with your significant other.

When it comes to wanting your fiance to come back from his bachelor party alive, a stripper actually seems like a much safer option than playing with tanks, but that is a preference that you should discuss with your partner.

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