Here's Who the Internet Thinks Can Rap Better Than Iggy Azalea


Last night was a big one for Our Lady Mayonnaise of the Order of Willful Contextual Blindness: she showed her ass on social media in so many ways (including a content-empty Bustle-plugging backpedal) that the line from state to cultural discrimination seemed even more clear than usual. So, people on Twitter—tired, no doubt, of so many white top 40 artists capitalizing on black legacies and then remaining studiously silent in the literally life-or-death issue of actually supporting black people, even if just by using a social media platform to affirm their political existence—replied by way of answering an either-fake-or-deleted November 12 tweet of Igloo’s, in which she wrote “Name a better rapper than me, I’ll wait.”

Here are some of the internet’s suggestions.

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