Here's Your Totally Underwhelming Divergent Makeup Collection


Do a happy dance makeup-obsessed Divergent fans (or Divergent-obsessed makeup fans)! There’s a new makeup line, courtesy of Sephora for those of you who believe buying movie-themed makeup is a vitally important thing to do.

Judging by the photos, Divergent-themed makeup is just another way of saying “a costly array of neutral-toned products and also this dark blue eyeshadow.” It’s basically a glorified monochromatic palette packaged with the word DIVERGENT splashed all over. OK! Sounds good!

I can’t even lie. Even through my layers of snark and bitterness it’s impossible to hide my growing interest in that nail polish kit. Of course, if this were a real makeup kit endorsed by Shailene Woodley, it would probably involve painting your nails using chewed up ginger root and coloring your lips with the tears of a woodpecker who you communed with under the last full moon.

Go contribute to the Hollywood marketing machine by buying the products here.

Images via Sephora.

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