Hermès Is Selling a Pair of Old Navy Boxers From Last Season for $470


Well, at least it’s not a shirt that costs $91,500? At least there’s that.

Hermès, the purveyor of all things rich and French, is selling pleated boxers for $470. Because pleats look great on everyone, especially assholes who just spent almost five hundred dollars on some underwear.

If you bought a pair, the San Francisco Chronicle wants you to please tell them why. My question is much simpler: Are you single? (If so, I’d like to move in with you, get your dumb ass to not sign a prenup, and then take you for gazillions of dollars. Email me!!!)

(p.s. Old Navy is all LOLOLOLOMGFORREAL?!?!Lololololllll.)

[Hermès, SF Gate]

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