Hero Cat Escapes Captivity, Makes His Way to Pastry-Factory Paradise


One morning in 2011, Woosie the cat disappeared—just walked away from it all. His owners gave him up for a goner, but this week they got a call from the vet, telling them to come pick up their pet. Turns out he’d been living it up at a pastry factory the entire time, because he’s a GENIUS.

That’s according to The Daily Mail. Delighted owner Helen Johns reports that the black cat is now bigger than a small dog:

‘He’s a heavy cat now – he’s quite large. We think that he may have been eating all the pasties and sandwiches up there.

In fact, workers at the Ginsters factory 33 miles away had taken the cat in, dubbed him “George” and spent the intervening years stuffing him with the meat-filled cornish pastries they produce. Woosie’s idyll ended when they finally decided to hand him over to a local vet. Not that the company’s spokesperson would admit a thing to the Mail: “We have very strict procedures to ensure that stray animals do not venture into the perimeter of our premises at any time.”

For now, the wandering tom is back with the Johns: “He came home on Tuesday evening, came straight into the house and just stretched out in the chair as if nothing had happened.” But Woosie cannot be tamed or contained. Look in his eyes and you’ll see that like Steve McQueen at the end of The Great Escape, he’s already planning his next break for freedom.

Photo via Getty

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