Hero Dumb Girl Is Like 'Can I Fly The Plane,' Mexican Pilot Like, 'OK'


RIP the airline career of the Mexican pilot who allowed 23-year-old singer Esmeralda Ugalde and 19-year-old actress Samadhi Zendejas into the cockpit of his plane in the middle of a flight so they could (I’m guessing) fake-twiddle the knobs, use the PA system to tell all the passengers their refrigerators were running, and take photos of tha coolest flight evarrr that Esmeralda would then post for the benefit of her 40,000 Twitter followers.

The tweets have since been deleted, Daily Mail confirms that the pilot has since been fired. “We cannot allow people to enter the cabin, even if they are actors or actresses,” says a Magnicharters spokesman, adding, “We are a serious company.” Serious about letting two best friends have an amazing time with the best pilot in the worldddddd omg does it look like I’m actually flying the planeeee????

Image via Twitter.

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