Heroic U.K. Weather Reporter Makes 12 Forceful Star Wars Puns in 40-Second Forecast


Sing it with me now: Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout Staaar War/Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout Star Waaar. And a weather reporter in the U.K. used her forecast to incorporate a remarkable (perhaps Emmy-worthy) series of clever Star Wars puns.

This Channel 5 weather presentation starts off normal and shifts around the seven-second mark, when reporter Sian Welby, taking advantage of her English accent, says, “If you Luke farther West, you will be seeing a glimmer of sunshine.” Luke, I am your father.

Having seen Star Wars maybe once, I’m able to identity many of the puns (apparently, 12 in 40 seconds) because that’s how much the war affects you:

“There will be a fairly light breeze. The force is strong, though.”
“Tonight, the weather strikes back.
“Don’t be a trooper. Please take care on the roads.”
“If you’re forced to awaken early tomorrow morning, it will be on the dark side.

Welby has also made weather puns with Back to the Future and revels in it, as she should.

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