Hey, Nerds: Don't Trespass on Active Railways to Get a Great Harry Potter Picture 


There are many lovely Harry Potter-related activities in the United Kingdom, including taking a Hogwarts Express-style steam train over the stunning Glenfinnan viaduct, which appears in the films. However, for fuck’s sake, do not trespass on any railway lines to get your perfect snapshot. Seriously. Don’t.

The Guardian reports that the British Transport police have issued a warning after reports of tourists on the tracks nearby, including a couple with a child. Said very patient constable Nicky Ritchie, who deserves commendation for not simply yelling “GUYS IT’S A GODDAMN ACTIVE RAILWAY”:

BTP constable Nicky Ritchie said: “We know that visitors, many of them foreign, want to enjoy this incredibly scenic area and are keen to see and capture the trains, particularly steam trains, crossing what is without doubt a magnificent structure.
“However, they have to realise that they need to do it safely and without breaking the law.
“We have been working closely with Network Rail to advise local people, sightseers and tourists about the dangers of trespassing and the possibility of disrupting the rail network.”

Not worth it! Go take your pics by the fake Platform 9 3/4 instead!

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Photo via Shutterstock.

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