Hey Remember When Kelly Loeffler Took a Private Plane to a Hot Dog Stand? And Other Fun Facts About Jezebel's Most Hated Senator

Hey Remember When Kelly Loeffler Took a Private Plane to a Hot Dog Stand? And Other Fun Facts About Jezebel's Most Hated Senator
Image:Dustin Chambers (Getty Images)

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed to her seat only last December, has still yet to win an election—after coming in second behind the Democrat Raphael Warnock on Tuesday night, she and Warnock are now headed to a runoff next January.

Already, Loeffler has gone on the attack, painting Warnock as “the most radical candidate anywhere in the country.” “I’m not going to let him get away with not exposing his radical policies and his agenda,” Loeffler warned. Warnock, for his part, has some jokes, and released this very good ad in which he promised he does in fact looooooove puppies, contrary to what Loeffler may try to imply in the weeks ahead:

This ad did what Warnock likely hoped it would—it made me wonder, does Loeffler love puppies? What’s her agenda, other than doing her very best to rebrand herself as a hyper-racist, antifa-hating, red-blooded Trumpista instead of the merely pedestrian racist and corporate Republican that she most likely is deep down in her very wealthy heart? She definitely comes off as a puppy hater to me; at the very best, she owns two dogs named Miffy and Desmond that she refuses to touch and outsources their care to a team of long-suffering household staff.

Whether Loeffler hates puppies is unclear. But here are some actual facts we do know about Kelly Loeffler:

She once took her private jet to go to a hot dog stand!

Who hasn’t taken their private plane to chow down on a weiner?

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

When U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler traveled to a Middle Georgia hot dog shop to meet with local officials, she hopped on her newly purchased private jet for an 18-minute flight. A few hours later, the aircraft took her to Washington, where she touted a federal budget that included new money for Savannah’s port.
Flight data shows the plane has made several recent trips between the Fulton County Airport and Washington-area airfields. It also showed a short hop to Macon on Feb. 10, where she met with local officials at a Nu-Way Weiners restaurant, and made several other stops before heading to Washington.
Loeffler appears to be the only member of Georgia’s congressional delegation to regularly commute to Washington on a private jet. An AJC review of the 15 other members of Georgia’s delegation revealed that each typically flew to Washington on commercial airliners.

As our resident Georgia expert Kelly Faircloth informed me, Nu-Way Weiners’ “iconic” slogan is, “I’d go a long way for a Nu-Way.”

She and her very rich husband live on an estate named Descante!

“Descante,” the 15,000-square-foot mansion that Loeffler and her husband bought in 2009 for $10.5 million, was the “most expensive real estate transaction ever in the city of Atlanta.”

Here’s how Atlanta magazine described “Descante,” which according to a profile of Loeffler’s husband is a riff on “descant,” but also means “Hey look at us we’re stupid-rich Americans who own a very big house”:

Modeled in the style of an old European estate, Descante (as it’s called) is a stucco, steel, and limestone structure that boasts Versailles parquet in the dining room, a library with a secret passage to the living room, and a nineteenth-century pool house from France.

Loeffler also notably decorated “Descante” with an Andy Warhol portrait of Mao Zedong, proving that not only does she have too much money, she also has very bad taste in art.

She now loves gingham!

In addition to the blue gingham shirt she now owns, she also owns a red gingham button-up, two clothing items she likely made a harried assistant purchase for her to show off her down-home credentials.

Image:Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Can’t you just picture her holding a litter’s worth of puppies in one hand and an entire rack of baby back ribs in the other?

She recently claimed to have no awareness of Donald Trump’s

Here’s that red gingham again:

What more will we learn about Kelly Loeffler in the coming days and weeks? Stay tuned!

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