High Grades For Easy A Red Carpet


We’re kinda psyched for Easy A, the story of a high school girl who decides to own her slut-shamed image with a Prynne-esque scarlet A, so you’ll be glad to know the premiere, at L.A.’s Chinese Theater, was pretty swell.

We’re kinda facing some Swift backlash, it seems, but haters to the left: this emerald frock is above reproach.

Also rocking the jewel tones, Mahaley Hessam — who even redeems what I think of as “coffee filter chic.”

Ari Graynor makes me realize that my grandmother was ahead of several trends. Or else that she’s dressed like my grandmother.

Remember “Lights Alive?” So does Vail Bloom.

Keke Palmer rocks a new basic.

I’m all for risk, but Emma Stone is rather worn by this winged monkey costume!

Lisa Kudrow has a Parisienne’s elegance.

It does seem like if you wanna go for rebellious scruff, you rather waive the pocket square option.

I imagine Patricia Clarkson‘s closet just a row of basic, classic cocktail frocks.

Practically every time I see Bridget Marquardt at one of these events I think, “why is she here?” It’s a great power, being able to inject that kind of wonder and mystery into strangers’ lives on a daily basis. Not to mention cleavage.

[Images via Getty]

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