High School Kid Slips Butt-Enhancing Pills in Teacher's Coffee


As far as high school pranks go, there are relatively harmless stunts — greasing up the banisters with Vaseline or running underpants up the flag pole — and then there’s shit that comes close to crosing the line. For instance: Spiking a teacher’s coffee with something called “GluteBoost.”

As The Smoking Gun reports, a 61-year-old North Carolina teacher told police that a student put “some kind of substance” in her cup of coffee in the classroom at Independence High. Officials seized a container of GluteBoost with one full capsule and three empty capsules. Haha, funny because suddenly the teacher would have a huge ass, right? Except putting any kind of pill in someone’s drink is not cool. Good thing they caught this kid early, before he learned about roofies. (Hopefully?) In any case, there are no criminal charges filed. And nothing bad happened to the teacher, because GluteBoost is not a real drug:

According to the manufacturer’s web site, the “All Natural Butt Enhancement Pill” delivers “the hour glass figure you deserve without paying for expensive buttock enhancement surgery or enduring the pain of pricey butt injections.” Additionally, a prospective customer is advised that, “you can achieve your goals and get a bigger booty 100% Risk FREE.”

Student Spiked Teacher’s Coffee With Butt Pills [TSG]

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