High Society: "I Did The Adult Thing And Called My Mother"


On last night’s episode, “Page Six Scandal Boy” Paul found himself “stressed” over “trying to fend off the press” after a website reported that he’d vandalized an apartment building. He did “the adult thing” and called his mother for money.

This show vacillates between boring and disgusting, but the levels of “disgusting” are shockingly varied, from disgusting lighting, to disgusting corsets, to disgusting comments, to disgusting behavior. Previously, the disgusting behavior was mostly exhibited by Jules and her racial slurs and horrible treatment toward the employees of the hotel in which she lives, but last night PJC stole the disgusting spotlight—not because of his “scandal” (he allegedly ripped off the “hideous” sconces off the wall of the hallways in his friend’s apartment building), but because he seemed to be reveling in the attention it brought him.

The laughable part is that the “scandal” in which he was reveling was so… irrelevant. According to PJC he was “trying to fend off the press” all day (in actuality, he was shown calling people to see if the piece had been posted, and sitting down at a cafe to read it on his iPhone). Ordered to pay to fix the damage he’d done to the apartment building, he “did the adult thing” and called his mom for the money.

Speaking of moms, here she is, my favorite lady. I wish she had a web-cam show or something. I’d watch her all day, Big Brother style. This week, she went to a genealogist to find out about Tinsley’s German prince boyfriend’s ancestry. She checked a book out of the library that was supposed to be the centerpiece of this subplot, but this show is so cheap that even though she did a “big reveal” of the book cover from her purse, post-production blurred it out. In the end, her results: Yes, he maybe a Prince, but there are no jewels, there are no crowns, there’s not a lot of land, but at least he’s not a Nazi.

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