High Society: Tinsley Mortimer's Mom FTW


All the Jules Kirby drama has become tiresome, so it was a big treat that last night’s episode focused heavily on Dale—Tinsley’s mom—who dished out PR advice, insults, and went to a high-end matchmaking service to find love.

First up, Tinsley—while getting her hair and makeup done for whatever manufactured reason—was freaking out about a New York mag blog post in which Devorah Rose slammed her. (Actually, the post was more about trying to figure out whether these girls were filming a reality show.) Dale verbalized her dismay, but her face indicated some sort of satisfaction or enjoyment. Then she gave her daughter some of the best advice I’ve ever heard for dealing with a person who is giving you bad press: Walk up to them and say, “I beg your pardon.”

Ignoring Tinsley’s wishes, Dale met up with Devorah Rose to square off with her, where she made fun of her lips and her social status, and told her she wanted to give her a “good ol’ fashioned spanking.”

And then Dale made Devorah cry.

Later, Dale—on the advice of some friends (or reality television producers)—went to a high-end matchmaking service to find a male companion. She’d heard that men had to pay a $100,000 fee to use the service, but was disappointed to learn that the fee was merely $20,000. She informed the matchmaker that she is only looking for two qualities in a man: He must be a good dancer and he must be funny.

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