Hilarious Typo in Yearbook Makes Satan Very Happy


Oh my god, dad, you’re so embarrassing.

I know that this may be photoshopped or an intentional prank (on someone’s part), but I’d like to think that whoever published this announcement in the yearbook just accidentally turned the innocuous name of this little girl’s friend or relative into the name of the dark lord of hell himself. It’s a memory for years to come!

I have two theories for why this could have happened:

1. Someone just read something wrong and went with it, or put an extra A where one didn’t belong. As someone whose name was once printed as Maris (because my dad wrote him K like an I with a squiggly K in it), I know that these things happen. In fact, my high school yearbook bears something just as ridiculous. When asked what my plans for the future were, I wrote “outwit cartoon animals,” but whoever was in charge (and it was a very nice person so I know it wasn’t intentional) published the sentence “go out with cartoon animals.” Thanks, Lauren. Thanks for exposing my fetishes for everyone to see.

2. And this is the infinitely better theory: This child accidentally called her dad Satan at some point and he thought it would be funny to put that in the yearbook to remind her how funny that was. A shared inside joke! If she were a teenager and her dad was particularly clever, I would say he might have done the same thing. Kind of like “haha, here’s the reminder of all the times you called me Satan during your senior year. Man, you were wild. Show your kids.” But that might just be me because I once told my mom to stop being a bitch to me and the next time she called me she left a message saying “Hi Mark, this is the bitch. Call me back if you want Chinese food.”

Either way, it’s a hilarious announcement. Really glad your dad is proud of you, Jessica. Best of luck in your ascension to the throne of hell!

Or, her dad really is satan, which makes the sentiment in the note even more hilarious. Here is a documentary about Jessica’s life:

Image via Reddit

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