Hillary Clinton Also Used a Private, Homemade Email Server


Hillary Clinton is already in a great deal of hot water for using a personal email address to conduct official business during her time as Secretary of State. Our brother site Gawker reported yesterday that two other top State Department officials also used personal emails. And now, the Associated Press reports, it looks like Clinton was also using her own private server.

The AP says they reviewed Internet records and found that Clinton’s personal email address traces back to a server registered to her home in Chappaqua, New York. “Operating her own server,” the AP writes, “would have afforded Clinton additional legal opportunities to block government or private subpoenas in criminal, administrative or civil cases because her lawyers could object in court before being forced to turn over any emails.”

The AP reports that the server is registered at the Chappaqua address to someone named Eric Hoteham, whose name, they say, “does not appear in public records databases, campaign contribution records or Internet background searches.” (That’s code for “this name is probably fake.” It’s incredibly unlikely that any living person under the age of, say, 102, would have no presence in any of those databases.)

Clinton hasn’t yet explained why she felt the need to conduct state business in such a cloak and dagger-y way. She spoke last night at a fundraiser for the pro-choice Democratic women’s group Emily’s List, but didn’t mention the emails.

Clinton checks her Blackberry in 2011 during a summit in South Korea. Photo via AP

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