Hillary Clinton: 'Our Economy Seems to Be Operating Like It’s 1955'


You know what’s not a very nice thing, according to Hillary Clinton? Gender inequality.

The former Secretary of State/rumored 2016 Democratic presidential contender/boss, generally speaking, spoke to a sold-out conference in Silicon Valley yesterday, where she commented on the largely on how gender bias affects everything from education to leadership, particularly for women within STEM professions.

“We’re going backwards in a field that is supposed to be all about moving forward,” Clinton said, citing the fact that women now receive only 18 percent of computer science degrees, whereas in the 1980s women took home 38 percent of those degrees. “Our economy seems to be operating like it’s 1955.”

Ms. Clinton also acknowledged that she’s both an iPhone and a Blackberry user, though she offered no comments about her reported high score in Candy Crush. (I’m kidding about that last part, of course, and have never played nor watched a live game of Candy Crush in my life. But I’m guessing that if there was a Candy Crush dominator, Hillary Clinton would be it.)

Image via AP

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