Hipster Couple's Save-the-Date Is a Ridiculous Action Movie

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Forget cards, forget magnets and forget those handmade trinkets that were OOAK on Etsy for your save-the-dates. The old methods of reminding your friends when you’re getting hitched are not just déclassé, they’re embarrassing, and unless you make an action movie for your STD, your loved ones might just choose to send their regrets. (And no present.)

Listen, it’s a buyer’s market out there. With more people getting married than ever (if the invitations piling up in my garage are any indication) and consumers having no lack of choices when it comes to deciding whose bouquet to catch this summer, you’re going to need to make your invitations so fucking amazing that not even the actual wedding can compare to the fucking mind-blowing experience of being invited to celebrate the action-packed, fun-filled event of a lifetime (rated M for MOTHERFUCKING MATRIMONY).

Kelly and Tyler, a couple of adorable San Francisco try-hards, have just raised the bar with this (admittedly very cute) action movie that serves as a reminder for friends to come join them for their special day (and bring gifts, okay?). While the movie is pretty great — it features every important wedding trope as a traditional action movie prop — it lacks one important element: I can’t put that shit on my fridge next to the takeout menus and pictures of myself when I was younger and thinner. So while I want nothing more than to attend this wedding when I watch the video (invite me, you guys! I’m in SF!) there’s no way that Kelly and Tyler’s friends are going to remember the date a week later. Unless they write it down on a post-it and put it somewhere. But then they’re just going to remember it as the couple sending a post-it and get angry and not show up out of spite.

Honestly, the best case scenario is that someone will remember this video three months after the wedding is over and be all “man, I wonder when that wedding is. That video was awesome!” and then feel bad that they missed it because you know with an invite like that that shindig was going to be BOMB!

Also, The Bold Italic reports that the groom won The Amazing Race, which is probably just as cool as the video, if not cooler. Probably cooler, actually, because The Amazing Race is a quality show that I’m forced to watch every weekend with my own partner, who will likely want an Amazing Race STD in addition to his “Parisian Carnival” theme wedding. Thanks a lot, happy creative couples; you’re ruining it for the rest of us.

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