Hollywood's Breasts Helped Toni Morrison Write Her New Novel


Hey Hollywood, your obsession with breast-y dresses have creeped their way into Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison’s purview.

During an interview with Mother Jones about her new novel God Help the Child, Morrison explained how sexuality played in crafting her latest protagonist Bride, who’s a beautiful “blue black” African American woman with a successful makeup business that serves all complexions.

I started the book before I wrote Home, but I was unsure of how to do it. And then I began to just look around at what people were doing and saying about themselves: You know, everybody’s naked, everybody’s gorgeous. I was very keenly aware of the new, wide-open, in many cases very healthy but certainly very aggressive sexuality. That becomes the success, particularly of a woman. Having looked at part of the Oscars, it was even more obvious. [Laughs.]

She continued,

The clothes. The slits are higher, the breasts are prominent, which they always were, but now it’s just about nipples—the only part you cannot show. It just seems hysterical, because that’s the first thing any human gets in his mouth! I don’t know. I’m 84, so you can imagine how many phases of this I have witnessed.

Forget winning an Oscar, Hollywood, you and your nipple pasties have officially made it.

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