Brutally Honest Disney Movie Posters Are Both Sad and Hilarious


The FW created nine posters that call bullshit on Disney’s original titles, and deliver the Truth. Filed under “Wish I would’ve thought of that first!” and also, “More, please!”

Related: Scriptnotes, a podcast about screenwriting (and things that are interesting to screenwriters!) (and other people, too!), has a super fun and interesting breakdown of Little Mermaid. They go into detail with the original fairy tale vs. the Disney version, and let me tell you: the original is FUCKED (ALL CAPS). Plus, plenty of talk about how Ursula is tops, and maybe the greatest, fattest, sexiest sea bitch villainess of all time. Anyway, the whole episode is highly recommended — I listened to it on a drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and didn’t fall asleep once! A++!

[The FW via Anorak]

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